Thursday 5 January 2012


For the past couple of days I have been typing (or really trying to) exclusively in Dvorak. This was a part of my effort to achieve a better workplace ergonomics which also included putting my laptop on a stand and purchasing a Kinesis Freestyle keyboard and a Logitech M570 trackball.

I have been practising Dvorak a little every day for the past week or so and two days ago decided to finally make the full switch for which I thought I was ready. The result - two extremely painful days. Strangely, my performance didn't increase over time and even though I was typing in Dvorak full-time, the speed was virtually the same.

So, earlier today I decided that enough is enough and stopped the torture. An inexplicable feeling of lightness and a ten-fold increase in productivity, oh that feels so good. As if I were handicapped somehow for the past two days, and just now got rid of the disadvantage.

Well, so much for that. I realise the potential of Dvorak and maybe I should have been more persistent. But even now, when I had nothing important to do I still felt greatly hindered by my sluggish typing. I still like the layout however, I think that in many ways it is superior to Qwerty, but apparently it's not my time yet. Maybe later.

P.S.: Here is a link for the only working solution I was able to find which allows to use Qwerty shortcuts with Dvorak layout on Windows: It also works nicely with the Capslang.exe which switches input language with Capslock key, but requires a reboot to function properly.

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